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The IPAA aspires to be the leading professional organization in Israel that represents and promotes the interests of patent attorneys, and the advancement of patents laws, and regulations, as well as the profession as a whole.

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Protect Your Idea with Different Types of Intellectual Property

Various types of intellectual property rights protect different facets of intellectual creations. Delve into a practical example illustrating the construction of an intellectual property portfolio for an innovative food printer to gain a deeper understanding of these rights in action.

Why do I need a Licensed Patent Attorney?

In patent law, a licensed attorney plays a crucial role by navigating complexities, enhancing protection, providing technical expertise in drafting, communicating with examiners, representing in disputes, and ensuring cost-effectiveness. Engaging one is a strategic investment for strong patent protection and achieving business goals.

Patent Registration Process

Israel permits utility patents under the Patents Law, requiring novelty, inventive step, usefulness and industrial applicability. The process involves appeals, pre-grant oppositions, and administrative enforcement, with patent term extensions for eligible pharmaceuticals and medical devices..

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