IPAA Establishment and Ethical Focus


The Intellectual Property Association of Israel (IPAA) was established in 1994 with the primary aim of uniting licensed Patent Attorneys who voluntarily joined the association. Their main objective was to foster collaborative professional growth and to keep members updated on the latest developments and changes in the field, all while maintaining and elevating the status of the profession. Early priorities included updating ethical standards, addressing contentious issues like patent application authorship, payment in equity, and charging Value Added Tax from foreign clients. Their commitment to professionalism and ethical guidelines remains a cornerstone of the IPAA’s mission.

Key Initiatives and Public Involvement


Under the leadership of Michal Hackmey (the first Chair of IPAA from 1994 to 2013), the IPAA flourished. One of their significant achievements was the proactive protection of the professional stature of Patent Attorneys, particularly in response to unlicensed individuals providing PA services. The IPAA initiated public warnings against acquiring services from unlicensed practitioners. They also established professional meetings between Patent Attorneys and representatives of the Patent Authority, actively participating in amending legislation and examination procedures at the Patent Authority. These initiatives resulted in improved service delivery to clients.



1994 - 2013
Michal Hachmi
2013 - 2015
Dr. Meir Noam
2015 - 2021
Einav Zilber
2021 - Today
Rimma Pugatsch-Shendelzon

Evolving Profession and Ongoing Adaptation

With over 600 registered Patent Attorneys in Israel today, the IPAA continues to adapt to changes in the profession driven by technological, economic, and social shifts. While most Patent Attorneys are employed by PA firms, an emerging trend sees companies hiring them as IP managers. Furthermore, more Patent Attorneys are pursuing independent freelancing. The profession continually evolves to address new challenges and opportunities, and the IPAA evolves to support its members in this dynamic and ever-changing landscape.