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SESSION 1- 06.10.21

Drafting practices and quality measures, regional considerations, universal spec, key office and case law update.

- DrSefi Raz (Webb+Co)  
- Ena Pugatsch (Reinhold Cohn Group) 
- Udi Hausman (Reinhold Cohn Group) 
- Yossi Rozhenko (Memic Innovative Surgery) 

:From Your Story to Protection Strategy- A lecture by Ena Pugatsch, Ehud Hausman

Drafting of pharmaceutical applications- A lecture by Dr. Sefi Raz:

Drafting: the art ofwriting smart- A lecture by Yossi Rozhenko:

SESSION 2- 13.10.21

Prosecution practices,budget reduction practices, regional considerations, key office and case law updates

- Roy Meltzer (Ehrlich & Fenster) 
- Dr. Michal Fisher (Fisher Friedman IP Group) 
- Heidi Brun (Heidi Brun Associates)
- Tal Dahan (CyberArk)

:Prosecution Practices-  Create synergy with your Outside Counsel- A lecture by Adv. Tal Dahan

:What makes a good computer related patent application?- A lecture by Adv.Roy Melzer

:Prosecution Tips- A lecture by Adv.Heidi Brun

Successful Patent Prosecution- A lecture by Dr. Michal Fisher

SESSION 3- 20.10.21

Meeting Recording:  

Passcode: X6.y73*I  

(1) Open-source SW  (2) Copyright  (3) Utility models

- Haim Ravia (Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz) 
- Tal Kaplan (Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz) 
- Rimma Pugatsch Shendelzon (Landa Digital Printing) 
- Hananel Kvatinsky (IP Consulting)

Open Source- A lecture by Haim Ravia:

Utilty Models- A lecture by Hananel Kvatinsky & Rimma Pugatsch Shendelzon

Copyright- A lecture by Tal Kaplan

SESSION 4- 27.10.21

FTO, litigation and pre-litigation, service invention proceedings – law and case study

- Ran Vogel (SHorowitz & Co.) 
- Noam Blei (SHorowitz & Co.) 

- Daniel Melman (Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz)

Protecting Trade Secrets Under U.S. Law - A lecture by Daniel J. Melman 

Litigation- A lecture by Noam Blei

SESSION 5- 3.11.21

Meeting Recording: 

Passcode: *LNVZ6x0

Controlling valuable information (1) Trade secrets (2) Service inventions (3) Open innovation - IP in R&D collaborations 

Ariel Rakover (Meitar)
Eran Bareket (Reinhold Cohn Group) 
Hananel Kvatinsky (IP Consulting)

Building Successful Global Business Relationships and Collaborations without neglecting your IP rights  - A lecture by Hananel Kvatinsky

Controlling Information - A lecture by Ariel Rakover

שימור ידע בחברה - A lecture by Eran Bareket

SESSION 6- 10.11.21

Industry-industry and academy-industry patent licensing & tech transfer – business intro,
law and practice

- Elena Canetti (Inventiam Group)
Dr. Adi Gillat (H-F & Co.) 
Dr. Shulamit Hirsch (Technion)

IP Protection as a Tool for Knowledge Transfer from Academia to the Industry – the TTO View - A lecture by Dr. Shulamit Hirsch 

Licensing from Industry to Industry - A lecture by Elena Canetti

Tech Transfer Transactions - A lecture by Dr. Adi Gillat


Session Recording:

 Passcode: 8B.G&&?Q  

With the rising importance of US Design Patents and monumental court decisions solidifying design patent rights, David will detail and explain how to effectively, efficiently, and economically file and protect your designs.

- David Postolski (Gearhart Law LLC)

SESSION 7- 17.11.21

Meeting Recording: 

=Passcode:  VY#M^J3

Product marketing and launch  (1) Designs (2) Trademarks  (3) Patent marking  

  1. - Saar Alon (Cohnde VriesStadler & Co.) 
  2. Hila Cherny (Soroker Agmon Nordman) 
  3. Robert Dorneanu (Soroker Agmon Nordman) 

Patent Marking  - A lecture by Dr. Robert Dormeanu 

Trademark Portfolio Managing - A lecture by Dr. Hila Cherny  

SESSION 8- 24.11.21

M&A and investment deals, IP Due-diligence, after-deal integration – law, practice, case study

  1. Asa Kling (Naschitz Brandes Amir) 
  2. Noga Bregman (Nvidia)


Due Diligence and Acquisition Process- A lecture by Noga Bregman

  1. SESSION 9a- 12.12.21

Meeting Recording: 



Going public in the USA and IL (IPO, SPAC) – case study, practices

  1.  Gilad Mamlok (CFO - Sol-Gel)
  2. - Eldar Cegla (CFO - Innoviz  

  1. SESSION 9b- 13.12.21

Venture capital (IPAA Conf., F2F)

  1. - Dov Moran (Managing Partner, Grove Ventures)
  2. - Renana Ashkenazi (Principal, Grove Ventures)  

SESSION 10- 19.12.21

IP integration and timing: achieving multi-disciplinary IP protection  

Panel and discussion