Roy Melzer

Ehrlich Group's computing technologies activity is led by Adv. and Patent Attorney Roy Melzer. 
Among the department's clients are universities, international R&D centers, entrepreneurs, and leading Israeli startups. The department also handles hardware and technical implementations of business processes.

In addition to being a recognized patent strategist, Melzer has extensive experience in computer-related inventions and their prosecution in the Unites States. His expertise includes establishing IP portfolios for startups, performing due diligence assessments, and providing opinions regarding freedom to operate. 

His practice includes the use of up-to-date LegalTech tools and statistical analytic tools, including examiner decision data. 

Roy was also the lead attorney in the case which changed the way software patents are examinedin Israel today (Digital Layers Inc., Patent Application 190125).  


Speaker at Session 2 , 13.10.21

Prosecution practices,  budget reduction practices, regional considerations, key office and case law updates