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General Assembly June 2022

14 Jun, 2022

The General Assembly dedicated to interns training and entrance to patent attorney proffesion

Sprint or long-distance running towards Patent Attorneys exams?

For the first time, the Patent Attorneys Association held an open professional discussion on the subject of training patent attorneys.

At the entrance gate to the patent attorney profession stands the mentor, much like a sports coach.

Do the mentors hold the key to success? What defines effective patent drafting training, and how crucial is the mentor-intern relationship for achieving success, and how can it be cultivated?

Furthermore, what constitutes a comprehensive training period, and when is it considered complete?

The meeting was moderated by Adv. and Patent Attorney Einav Zilber, former Chairman of the Patent Attorneys Association.

Jacqueline Bracha, Deputy Head of the Patent Office, reviewed the formal requirements for coaching and coaches, presented data and revealed directions for change in the procedures for entering the profession.

The presentation of Jacqueline Bracha

Three mentors who have trained generations of patent attorneys – Ena Pugatsch, Maier Fenster and Dr. Ilan Cohen shared their training methods and experience:

The presentation of Ena Pugatsch

The presentation of Maier Fenster

The presentation of Dr. Ilan Cohn

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