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Advanced Program for Patent Attorneys

15 Dec, 2021

The program was accessible to all patent attorneys in Israel and to IP managers and lawyers working in non-patent attorney roles within companies. Its primary goal was to cater to the professional development and knowledge enhancement requirements of patent attorneys within corporate settings. Simultaneously, it aimed to foster and reinforce the professional connections between in-house patent attorneys and attorneys in IP and Law firms. The program is designed across the board and includes professional content across the spectrum of intellectual property aspects that will be presented from a number of perspectives. The program is offered as a series of online meetings and one face-to-face meeting as a part of a professional conference and the General Assembly.

Program management:

Patent Attorney Rimma Pugatsch Shendelzon, Director of IP, Landa Digital Printing (LDP), IPAA in-house IP Managers Group Leader

Adv. and Patent Attorney Einav Zilber, Intellectual Property Manager, Magnus Metal, Chair of IPAA

Professional Advisory Committee:

Patent Attorney Mirit Lotan, Cohen, de Vries, Stadler & Co., IPAA Board Member

Adv. and Patent Attorney Dorit Binder (Shem Tov), IPAA Board Member

Patent Attorney Dr. Cynthia Webb, Webb & Co., IPAA Board Member

Adv. and Patent Attorney Yossi Barkai (z”l), Pearl Cohen, IPAA Board Member

Adv. and Patent Attorney Roy Meltzer, Ehrlich Fenster, IPAA Board Member

Patent Attorney Tessa Malamud-Cohen, Intellectual Property Manager, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Patent Attorney Dr. Naomi Ziv, Intellectual Property Manager, BG Negev Technologies and Applications


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