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ChatGPT, the Patent Attorney’s Little Helper

1 May, 2023

Join our webinar to explore the impact of ChatGPT on patent attorneys’ work and the role of generative AI in shaping patent law!

The webinar will cover a variety of topics related to the use of natural language processors in patent law.

We will explore the potential impact of tools like GPT-3 and ChatGPT on patent claims and specifications, as well as the limitations and pitfalls of using AI in patent drafting. The discussion will also cover the need for traditional patent doctrines to act as gatekeepers to limit AI-generated claims and the importance of professional obligations to supervise biased content generated by these tools.

Additionally, the webinar will delve into ChatGPT as a tool for IP practitioners, exploring its strengths and weaknesses and providing case studies to demonstrate its potential contributions to various sections of a patent application.

Finally, the webinar will address the impact of generative AI on patent law, including questions surrounding the novelty and inventive step of AI-generated inventions and their ownership, and provide insights into the current legal landscape and the implications for businesses and individuals involved in the development and commercialization of AI-generated products and processes.


S. Sean Tu, Professor of Law at the West Virginia University College of Law and a Visiting Professor at Harvard Medical School.

Amy Beth Cyphert, a Lecturer in Law at the West Virginia University College of Law.

Samuel J. Perl, a senior member of the technical staff on the CSIRT development team within the CERT® Program at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), a unit of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA and an Adjunct professor at CMU Heinz College.

Joseph Rozhenko, Patent Attorney, Director of Intellectual Property at Momentis Surgical.

Roy S. Melzer, Adv., Patent Attorney, Head of Computing Technologies Department, EHRLICH & FENSTER of The EHRLICH GROUP

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