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How Patents Knocked-Out Apple’s Watch

28 Dec, 2023

In the latest high-profile example of the power of patents, Apple announced that due to a patent dispute, it is halting U.S. sales of its latest smartwatches during the busy holiday season. According to analyst estimates, the Apple Watch alone made about $17 billion in fiscal 2023. When Apple made its announcement, Apple’s share price dropped as much as 1.6%, while shares in the patent owner Masimo gained as much as 5.7%. Interestingly, the patents covered only one feature of Apple’s products—a blood oxygen sensor. Yet Massimo’s patents had the power to take down an entire product line. In this webinar sponsored by the Israel Patent Attorneys Association in cooperation with Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP , Finnegan partner Gerson Panitch will discuss the details of this case, the relative strategies of the parties, why Apple made this surprise announcement even before it was ordered to remove the watches from the market, and lessons to be learned from a case that continues to capture business headlines.

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