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Patent Attorney Interns Course, 2021

1 Dec, 2021

Course Program for Patent Attorney Interns – Pilot Program, 2021

The course is intended for patent attorney interns.

The course was online and was held from October to December, 2021

The course included 64 academic hours (32 sessions), at least 50 hours of self-practice including drafting practice.

Course structure:

Patents – 16 sessions; guidance for practical aspects – 6 sessions; trademarks – 4 sessions; designs – 3 sessions; copyright – 2 sessions.

The course included a visit at the Patent Office, in which the participants became familiar with the work of the Patent Office and with proceedings before the Registrar (details – below).

The course assumed previous knowledge even though it was also open to interns at the beginning of the internship.

The course required practice and self-study.

The course relied on the list of topics and sources detailed in the document Patent Attorney Training Program.

Program Management: Adv. Dr. Roya Israeli, Intellectual Property Adjudicator, Patent Office, PA Rimma Pugatsch Shendelzon, The Leader of Corporate Patent Attorneys Group (IPAA), Director of IP, Landa Digital Printing, Adv. Saar Gershoni,  Copyright consultant to IPAA, Adv. Saar Alon, Designs consultant to IPAA, Adv.and PA Einav Zilber, Chairman of the Patent Attorneys Association, VP of Intellectual Property, Magnus Metal.

Advisory Board: PA Dr. Mirit Lotan, Partner, Cohn DeVries Stadler, Adv. and PA Dorit Binder (Shem Tov), Dr. Cynthia Webb, Managing Partner, Webb+Co, Adv. and PA Roy Meltzer, Partner, Ehrlich-Fenster, PA Tamar Morag-Sela, Partner, Reinhold Cohn Group., PA Dr. Michal Fisher, Managing Partner, Fisher-Friedman Group, Adv. and PA Yossi Barkai (z”l).

Comments to the Program: Adv. and PA. Asa Kling, Partner, Naschitz Brandes Amir, former Head of the Patent Office, Adv. Eran Bareket, Partner, Gilat Bareket, Reinhold Cohn Group.

Organizers: Adv. Dr. Roya Israeli, Adv. and PA Einav Zilber

Lecturers – IP and Law firms, and in-house IP Managers:

PA Dr. Michal Fisher Managing Partner, Fisher-Friedman Group: (1) International conventions and (2) methods of treating human beings.

Adv. and PA Einav Zilber VP of Intellectual Property, Magnus Metal: (1) Learning the profession (2) Introduction to drafting and reading patents, (3) Patents – ownership, inventors, service inventions.

PA Rimma Pugatsch Shendelzon Director of IP, Landa Digital Printing: Patents – Utility models.

Adv. Tamir Afori , Partner, Shibolet: Copyright – Introduction.

Adv. and PA Doron Sieradzki, Partner, Pearl Cohen: (1) Claims (2) Patents – Priority (Arts. 9, 10).

PA Dr. Sheila Zrihan-Licht Partner: Patents – Detailed description (Section 12, Practice).

PA Dima Litvak, Partner, Reinhold Cohn Group.: Patents – Detailed description (Section 12, Practice).

PA Dr. Gal Ehrlich, Managing Partner, Ehrlich-Fenster: US Continuation applications.

PA Dr. Kfir Luzzatto, Head of The Luzzatto Group: Patentability: Novelty.

PA Dr. Hedva Shikler: Patentability – Section 3 and 7 in Israel, 101 in the US and Europe, in the Life Sciences and Computer-Based Inventions.

PA Hanoch Kahn, Webb+Co: Patent Eligibility – Section 3 and 7 in Israel, 101 in the US and Europe, Life Sciences and Computer-Based Inventions.

Adv. Saar Alon , Partner, Cohn DeVries Stadler: Designs.

Adv (US) David Postolsky: US Design patents.

Adv. Saar Gershoni, Managing Partner, Gershuni & Co.: Copyright – Protection of Technology.

Adv. Lior Glassman , Partner, Gilat-Bareket.: Trade Secrets.

Adv. and PA Yoav Alkalay , Senior Partner, Pearl Cohen: “Connecting all the dots.”

Adv. and PA Oren Reches, Reches Patents: Patent Infringement, Tests, Remedies, Defenses.

PA Ena Pugatsch , Partner, Reinhold Cohn Group: Drafting and Prosecution – Comparative Discussion

Additional lecturers:

Idit Ofir, Ayelet Ofarim, Einat Gabay, Arad-Ofir: Principles and methods of patent search.

Sharon Rosen, Admin4IP: Patents- Formal Aspects

Lecturers – Patent Office:

Dr. Roya Israeli, Intellectual Property Adjudicator: Introduction to Trademarks

Anat Levy, Director of the Trademarks Department: Trademarks: Submissions, Examination, Refusal

Dr. Orit Regev, Deputy Commissioner of Examiners: (1) Inventive Advances (2) Patents: Extension Orders

Moriah Levy, Medical Device / Electronics Team Leader: Inventive Step

Adv. Ofra Landau, Legal Assistant: Patents: Extension Orders

Dr. Dmitry Litintsky, Senior Examiner Electro-optics and Medical Devices: Patents – Priority (S. 9, 10)

Alice Mahlis Abramovich, Director of Designs: Designs

Visit to the Patent Office:

Ofir Alon, Head of the Patent Office.

Jacqueline Bracha, Deputy Head of the Patent Office.

Baruch Newman, PCT Senior Examiner.

Roya Israeli, arbiter of intellectual property.

Simona Aharonovitch, supervisor of examiners.

Visit to the Patent Office: Yael Faina

Production: PA. Dorit Korin – Desert Knowledge, Production Team: Naama Arnsburg, Esther Gelber

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