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Training for Patent Office Cadets (November 2019)

1 Nov, 2019

The Israel Patent Attorneys Association, in cooperation with AIPPI, participated in professional training for Patent Office cadets. The training program consisted of 15 topics and 34 hours taught by 11 patent attorneys and attorneys:

Date Lecture topic Scope Lecturer (firm)
19/11 Introduction to Intellectual Property 3 Asa Kling
26/11 Patentable invention – Section 3 of the Law 2 Roy Meltzer (Ehrlich-Fenster)
03/12 Claims-Section 13 of the Act 3.5 Doron Sieradzki (Pearl Cohen)
17/12 Novelty tests for patent law 5 Dr. Kfir Luzzatto (Luzzatto Group)
24/12 Inventive step tests 4.5 Gad Bennett (Ben Ami)
31/12 International Conventions in the Field of Intellectual Property 2 Dr. Michal Fisher (Fischer Friedman)
Requirement for Priority in Light of the Paris Convention, CIP application, 4C4 2.5 Dr. Maya Shmailov
21/01 Unity of invention-Section 8 of the Law 2 Gal Ehrlich (Ehrlich Group)
28/01 Claims drafting – Considerations, Experience 2.5 Ena Pugatsch (Reinhold Cohn Group)
First come first served, Arts. 2, 9, 19 of the Patent Law 2.5 Ena Pugatsch (Reinhold Cohn Group)
04/02 Trademark Law 2.5 Nahum Gavrieli (Seligsohn Gabrieli)
Design Law 2 Dr. Eyal Bressler (Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co)

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