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The Israel Patent Office (ILPO)

The Israel Patent Office is the authority in Israel which provides legal protection of industrial intellectual property, through the registration of Patents, Designs, Trademarks and appellations of origin. The office is housed under the Ministry of Justice.

The granted right is subject to the examination of the application. This ensures that the exclusivity of the protection will not harm the legal rights of the general public.

In addition, the ILPO provides information and guidance to the public related to its functions and responsibilities  and in matters relating to patents, designs and trademarks.

Patent Office Official Website

Patent Office Departments

Each of the Patent Office departments has a set of procedures, work instructions and different submission sites. All the information regarding each of the areas can be found on the office’s website:

  1. Patents – patent applications are filed at the Patents Department of the ILPO from around the globe. According to the field of their invention, each application is directed to a specific examiner (an engineer or expert) in that field. If the invention satisfies the requirements of the Patents Law and Regulations, a patent will be granted.
    The other duties of the patent examiners and the Examination Guidelines for Patent Examiners are published on the website.
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  2. PCT – The PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) division operates within the Israeli Patent Office. The treaty deals with submitting international patent applications and the International Search & Examination procedures of the application.
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  3. Trademarks – trademarks are letters, digits, words, images, symbols or a combination thereof, which are used by manufacturers or service providers in order to identify their goods and services to the consumers. The registration of the mark confers upon its owner the exclusive use of the mark in relation to the products or services for which it is registered; it also serves to protect the public against deception regarding the origin of the goods/services in question.
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  4. Designs – the Designs Department at the Israel Patent Office is responsible for handling applications for registration of designs.A registered design is an intellectual property right that grants its holder protection for his Design if it is novel and has an individual character. This right grants its proprietor exclusivity in Israel over the use of the design.
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  5. Legal department – manages legal proceedings in matters of appeals of examiner’s decisions, objections to registration and requests to revoke rights. Also, representatives of the Legal Department participate in committees dealing with matters of legislation and procedures regarding patents, designs and trademarks.
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  6. Public relations department – responsible for the Patent Office relations with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), developing relations with patent offices in other jurisdictions in the world, as well as training and information for the public on patents, designs and trademarks, and information about the Patent Office roles and goals.
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Patent Attorneys

A Patent Attorney is a certified professional with an academic education in a technological field who has undergone the required proffsional training. The training includes an internship period and passing the certification exams of the Patent Office.

  1. The full list of registered IL patent attorneys
  2. Information about internship
  3. Information about patent exams
  4. Patent Attorneys proffesion regulation


Patent Examiners

The Patent Office employs more than 100 patent examiners, organized into specialized teams based on distinct technologies, such as physics, computers and communication, biotechnology, medical devices, mechanics, organic chemistry, and pharmaceuticals. A scientific degree is a prerequisite for individuals aspiring to become patent examiners.

The Patent Office has about 200 employees:

Annual Activity Report

Annually, the Patent Office releases a comprehensive summary of its activities for the current year. This summary encompasses a wealth of data and statistics pertaining to each department within the Patent Office and its operational domains.
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Collaboration Between the Patent Office and the Israel Patent Attorneys Association

  1. Conducting courses and collaborative learning sessions, including:
    a. Intern course
    b. Trademarks Legal Aspects course.
    c. A series of lectures, presented by IPAA, covering various intellectual property-related topics.
  2. Engaging in ongoing discussions on legislative modifications, establishing ethical standards, and regulating the practice of patent attorneys.
  3. Facilitating the specialization of patent attorneys through dedicated exams for acquiring a patent attorney license.