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October 7, 2023

20 Nov, 2023

On October 7th, 2023, Hamas brutally attacked Israel, invading homes, murdering over 1,300 civilians, and abducting more than 200 innocent people. This dark day underscores the capacity for inhumane actions, etching a somber chapter in Israel’s and humanity’s history.

On October 7th, 2023, Israel experienced a brutal assault by the terrorist organization Hamas. The terrorists invaded civilian homes, committing acts of shooting, burning, raping, and beheading. Tragically, over 1,300 innocent civilians, including the elderly, women, and children, were murdered, and 239 were abducted. They infiltrated peaceful towns, setting homes ablaze and subjecting families to the horrors of abduction and annihilation.

The cruelty of Hamas reached an unimaginable peak with a devastating massacre at a vibrant music festival. They mercilessly killed hundreds, raped young women, brutalized bodies, and abducted many. More than 300 bodies were later found in the area of the festival, most of them belonging to young men and women—innocent youth.

October 7th will forever be etched as a dark day in Israel’s history and in humanity’s history, serving as a stark reminder of the capacity for utterly inhumane actions.

Regrettably, the tragic events have also impacted the Israeli intellectual property community. 

Bruce Alpert, a Patent Attorney from the Luzzatto Group, mourns the loss of his beloved grandson, Dudi Turgeman, who was murdered by Hamas-ISIS terrorists.

Adv. Amit Soussana, another colleague from the Luzzatto Group, was brutally kidnapped to Gaza from her home by Hamas-ISIS terrorists.

Among the kidnapped civilians are also Mia and Gabriela Leimberg, the wife and daughter of Dr. Moshe Leimberg, a senior patent examiner at the Israel Patent Office.

The Israel Patent Attorneys Association is praying for the safety of all Israeli hostages and calls for their immediate return.

StandWithUs on X: "These men, women, and children were kidnapped by #Hamas and forcibly taken into #Gaza, where they are experiencing unthinkably horrific conditions. It's time to bring them home NOW. #IsraelUnderAttack #