Eran Bareket

Advocate, Partner, GilatBareket & Co,  Reinhold Cohn Group  

Eran’s expertise is litigation of IP-rights, unjust enrichment, competition law and complex litigations, particularly those involving issues of technology and management of multi-jurisdiction IP litigations. 

Eran has vast experience appearing before all Israeli courts, including the Patents, Designs and Trademarks Registrar.  He is well-versed in the fields of: IP; high technology; technology transfer and licensing; digital health; big data licensing; competition law; agency and distributorships; regulatory law (pharmaceuticals and medical devices); defence and homeland security; and governmental companies. 

Eran is often involved in the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) legislative process, acting on behalf of various entities.  

He serves as consultant for IP matters to the Accountant General’s Division of the Ministry of Finance and represents the government regarding disputes surrounding inventions by state employees (service inventions).