Hananel Kvatinsky

Hananel Kvatinsky has been 30 years in the field of management, marketing and transfer of Intellectual Property. About a third of this time was within RAMOT at Tel Aviv University (http://www.ramot.org ), managing the university IP and creating business out of it via contract research, joint research consortia, and licensing deals with entities varying from small startup to large multinational corporations. 

During the last 20 years, Hananel served as the Director of IP of Comverse, Ltd. (http://www.xura.com/ and then Orbotech Ltd. (www.orbotech.com).

In this position Hananel was responsible for growing the company's IP portfolio as well as participate and assist in all IP related matters in company life including defending and enforcing company's IP, leading IP Due Diligence in M&A deals and consulting on IP aspects in collaboration and other commercial deals. 

Currently, Hananel’s main occupation is consulting to Israeli SMEs regarding the building and the management of their intellectual property. Hananel has a B.Sc and M.sc in Engineering and an MBA, all from Tel Aviv University.  He also holds an Israeli Patent Attorney license.

Hananel is currently the President of LES Israel (www.lesi.org), an international organization Advancing the Business of Intellectual Property Globally.

Speaker at Session 3 , 20.10.21

(1) Open-source SW  (2) Copyright  (3) Utility models   

A bit more information in my LinkedIn profile  https://www.linkedin.com/in/hananel/