Tal Kaplan

Tal Kaplan is a Partner in the Internet, Cyber & Copyright Group at Pearl Cohen’s Tel Aviv office.  

“I keep close and personal contact with my clients, listen to them and understand their needs, in order to provide them with a professional and quality response.”  

Tal Kaplan specializes in the innovative issues of law relating to computers, the Internet and information technology, such as cyberlaw, privacy & data protection, spam, domain names, e-contracts, Intellectual Property and telecommunication.

Tal serves a wide range of clients in these areas of expertise, including multinational companies, some of the biggest corporations in Israel, start-ups and private entrepreneurs, copyright owners (both individuals and organizations), portals and content sites, e-commerce ventures, companies offering computer and Internet services, publisher, etc. 
Before joining Pearl Cohen, Tal worked for several years as an intern and a lawyer at Ravia & Co, until its merger with Pearl Cohen at 2007. 

Speaker at Session 3 , 20.10.21

(1) Open-source SW  (2) Copyright  (3) Utility models